A Day Trip In Bratislava From Vienna: A Jam-Packed Guide

One of the many joys of travelling in Europe is how quick and easy it is to hop from one country to the next. It’s even better when two capital cities are a stone’s throw from one another, just like those of Austria and Slovakia.

It only takes an hour to reach Bratislava from Vienna, and a quick trip across the border is a great way to experience a whole new country in a matter of hours (at any time of year!)

Here’s an idea of how to make the most of a day in Bratislava.

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10 Things That Might Surprise You About Japan

Last week I finally got the chance to visit Japan, something that had been on my bucket list since arriving in Korea a year ago. I went to Osaka and Kyoto for 6 days and had an absolute blast (despite some treacherous weather)!

Like every tourist, I had my preconceptions about what the country would be like. Most things met my high expectations; the food, the history, the weather. But, there were some aspects of Japanese life and culture that really surprised me (in good and bad ways.)

Here are some weird and wonderful things I noticed in the Land of the Rising Sun. Some of them might surprise you too.

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